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Featured positions

Business Presentation Specialist

We are looking for a thought provoking presentation Rockstar who has the ability to genuinely engage decision makers of big corporates with his/her enthusiasm, resilient attitude and turning them into customers.

Creative Designer

We are looking for a designer who explores him/herself in all field of advertising, marketing, graphic designing, website designing and is a born artist.

Executive – Content R&D

Well researched and developed content enables the pace of marketing and sales. We are looking for a talented writer who exhilarates the interest of audience by his/her writings.

Sales Development Representative

Your extensive skills of demonstrating the products and connecting over social media with the prospect makes you the best fit for this role. Your efforts are going to set the real milestone in sales cycle.

Raju Vishwakarma, Product Engineer at Pericent

Pericent has given me the opportunity to work in a great environment where I explore my skills

Raju Vishwakarma, Product Engineer

I work with a great team of people and together we deliver excellent engineering

Bane Singh Yadav, Product Engineer

Bane Singh Yadav, Product Engineer at Pericent

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Come, you are the best fit for us. We look for people who are driven by passion,
running after knowledge and have clarity of thoughts.