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10 Best Performing BPM Solution Provider 2017

Less coding and more configruation

Keeps shorter application developemnt cycle. It's white-box, business user can see everything in process and workflow. Gives more control and agility.

Process Modeling

Model processes in BPMN standard with analyst or development perspective within browser


Real time insights of business processes and activities through BAM. Also, monitor crticality of the processes like low, high or medium

Audit Trail

Transparency of complete history of the process with all events and sequence- when, how, who and what

Organization Hierarchy

Drag and drop role-based user management. Even supports complex hierarchy such as geography-based

Group Chat

Discuss and collaborate within portal. Also helps in increasing efficiency and productivity

Built-in QA

Ad-hoc quality management with Quality Assurance Manager.

Enterprise-grade and Scalable



Integration-enabled, our platform offers integration with almost any other system through REST APIs or SOAPs.

Integration with LDAP/AD

Integration with LDAP/AD

Integrate with your exisiting LDAP/AD server and assign roles and work items through built-in participant manager.



Supports multi tenant enviornment, you can scale your infrastructure with public or private cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which license model you offer?

    Per core with Development, UAT and Production server. Without any restriction on load balancing.

  • Is there any limitation on number of users?

    No. Our license offers unlimited users.

  • Who will implement process automation?

    Either by you with our consultant's help or we can also implement, depends on your choice.

  • Is there any limitation on number of process deployment?

    No, you can deploy and host unlimited number of processes with our enterprise suite.

  • How does pricing model work?

    We have two pricing models - One time upfront (Forever Plan) and yearly.

  • Who will provide support?

    We will provide end-to-end support from deployment to integrating with other systems- all under one roof

Srivaths Varadharajan

Srivaths Varadharajan

Chief Information Officer, Niyogin Fintech Ltd.

"Impressive platform and team is delivering great job. I would say proving right decision to invest into their platforms"

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