History - That's worth recalling!


Our history begins a decade ago, established with an aim to develop and deliver customized solutions to our clients. This spirit of this very aim of ours at PERICENT® forms a thread that runs throughout our history. In our early years which were the era of bold changes into commercial strategies and technological innovations, we decided to focus on core product areas with strong markets and equally growth potential. We had developed verity of solutions in various BPM technologies include but not limited to SAVVION, IBM Lombardi, Appian’s BPM suite, Laserfiche BPM, BONITASOFT BPM etc. We worked upon solutions for complex event processing, real time intelligence, Data monitoring, KPI etc.

In our journey of over 10 years, the client experience has always been the most important aspect of PERICENT® business policies. We have helped our clients to do better business by leveraging our industry wide experience and deep technological expertise into our creations. After investing a decade in serving the top global brands and clients like Reliance, PepsiCo, Progress, Genpact, and many other across globe. Our skilled workforce has always been our strongest asset. From the very beginning they have worked with strong determination to serve our clients. At what position we are today is possible only because our employees are likewise enthusiast about the company. We always inculcate something called CREATIVE COURAGE in our employees which have always advanced us on the path of technological innovations throughout our history.

Milestones in our history


Launched our own in-house developed enterprise class DMS software - docEdge as well as an Agile & Robust BPM Platform - bpmEdge. A pride moment for Pericent and a step closer to becoming product based technology company.


Served SAVVION for implementation of their BPM project at various levels and to well know clients.


Serviced the fortune 500 Australia based OWENS-ILLIONS Glass Company on SAVVION based New Product Development & Introduction process integrated with SAP.


Collaborated with Colorado health benefit exchange, U.S. for implementing various reforms introduced in the by president Barack Obama under the affordable care at popularly known as “Obama Care” through a various handcrafted technological platform. DART, formulator search, IES, Colorado Peack and our most appreciated NMHIX tax calculator eased the processes of implementation back in 2014.


Started serving the most diversified financial service provider entity in India, RELIANCE CAPITAL LTD with more than 60 processes with onsite support and offshore development consultancy for critical applications including the most important units of asset reconstruction and insurance for the purpose of automating their legal process management.


Within 3 years of laying our foundation, we built critical BPM work flow platforms for U.S giant ANNACOM.INC by providing them solutions for complex account payable process integrated with their ERP. We also serviced them with generic period, closing processes and electronic service.

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