Consultancy - How to Adapt & Implement Technology in Enterprise Solutions

PERICENT® has expertise over 10 years in translating the business needs and requirements into a proactive technology solution to deliver its business objective. This expertise enables us to help clients in expanding the horizons of their business across the globe. After thorough study and research our team consisting of highly skilled professionals who are capable of consultation, analysis and technical suggest/ propose solution. The proposed solutions are never quick fix rather covers broader spectrum of the objective and could be scaled up later. We are agile and scrum team which sprint through implementation and gives first-hand experience at earliest. Business process management and document management are our main competency. We have developed our in-house world class enterprise software bpmEdge & docEdge to address those area with greater engineering.

Our Expert Consultancy Services Offers:
BPM, BRMS, Dashboard, Business Intelligence:

Our expertise in BPM implementation and a strong experience in implementing a number of mission critical workflow and processes in BPM solutions across industries and to the top well-known brands like - Reliance, HDFC Ergo, PepsiCo, IO, Progress and Genpact, enable us to claim ourselves as a dedicated and expert to provide consultancy and implementation service on top of our robust, scalable and enterprise class BPM platform - bpmEdge.

Process Designing /Process Migration:

Our expert team and consultants can help you out in designing complex business process and mapping those to the BPM technology. Migration of the existing process and workflows is another mission critical process and that has to be done smoothly as it might hamper business operations. Having experience in process migration gives Pericent an unprecedent edge to handle those transition effortlessly. Integrating process management to the legacy systems like ERP/CRM/SCM are another highly skilled area where we stand tall and provided great solutions to our clients.

Digitising documentation/ Manging Documents:

Learning and Understanding how our customers are managing their enterprise documents and contents, we suggest right from scanning and indexing to board them on the enterprise class DMS -docEdge. Integrating their legacy systems ERP/CRM/SCM and CBS to the DMS repository so that their entire document lifecycle managed centrally. Managing document through central repository & DMS, organisation could save time and money. Further cross department or cross LOBs can get leverage through knowledge base of the repository.

Customized Enterprise Solutions:

PERICENT® is continuously turning client's concepts/ideas into technology marvels be it web platform or apps which are addressing and solving their or end customers problem. Our engineers are tech squad and capable of designing solution through any technology. We start with design driven approach and then to the LEAN architecture and we implement through SCRUM framework.

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