The Internal Audit mainly conducted by ERM team / auditor as a yearly activity for various process & locations as per ISO 22301 & 27001 requirements. This process revolves around three performers? i.e. auditor, respective process SPOC / coordinator and process owner. It covers the preparation of report by auditors, showing compliance and rating (NC/observation/ compliance / OFI) with findings. It also covers the approval process of submitted planned actions to mitigate the non-compliance provided by the SPOC, till the final implementation of suggested mitigation measures through various levels of approvals at branch level.

BCMS/ISMS Risk Management System

The BCMS / ISMS risk assessment process includes all the functioning from conduction of risk assessment by auditor at various locations (IT & Admin), till the final implementation of suggested mitigation measures through various level of approvals at branches.
This system automates the process of conduction of risk assessment of particular locations. It covers the preparation of report by auditors, showing risk rating and scoring along with its type of impact and existing controls. It also covers the approval process of submitted planned actions to mitigate the risk factors provided by the Branch admin.


PERICENT SOFTWARE has developed this application to provide details of all the branches of all the products that has not achieved their last month?s targets. The targets may vary according to different products. Through this application, the targets aimed and achieved by the product branches, are analyzed and allocation of loans are done for completion of their work processes to achieve their desired targets.


PERICENT SOFTWARE has developed this application to provide processing of performance analysis of the employees in the organization by their respective reporting managers. Through the application, a list of questions will be setup, in form of questionnaire, for the employees according to their department and level and will be send to all employees for their responses. By analyzing the responses of the employees, their respective managers will judge and rate their performances on the basis of 6 competencies and 17 behaviors.


PERICENT SOFTWARE has developed this application provide online processing of applying loan and providing it to the customer. The application also deals with giving financial solutions to queries of the customer and thereby helping them in the procedure of applying and approving their needful and desired loan.

Employee Home Loan System

The Employee Home Loan process includes all the steps starting from loan taker or requestor initiating the process by applying for loan, till the time it finally gets the decision from Branch Credit Manager or NCM after a series of approval or rejections. Through this system, a loan requestor can fill the foam online with all the all the relevant documents attached.


This system refers to the subset of law practice management and covers a range of approaches and technologies used by companies to leverage knowledge and methodologies for managing the life cycle of a case or matter more effectively. Generally, the terms refer to sophisticated information management and work flow practices that are tailored to meet the legal field?s specific needs and requirements.


Pericent Software has developed an online processing system to generate and process the requests of material transferring between two organizations. Through this application, the material transfer procedure occurs from the recipient side, that sends a request for a particular material along with its details, to the material sender organization. On receiving the request, the sender organization processes the request by viewing the material details and later, send a confirmation notification to the recipient side, if the request gets approved by all the concerned authorities of the sender organization.


The purpose of this procedure is to define a systematic approach to identify documents, evaluate and request contractor to rectify and close-out non-compliances in the areas of document. To control all project non-compliant conditions, equipment, processes procedural or incidents by ensuring that all non-compliance are identified and corrected in a formalized and controlled manner


A generic solution for PEC process automation designed and developed to automate the task generation and assignment of pre-defined tasks after completion of every defined time period. The process solution also provides a dashboard for management to view all tasks status more visually in form of graphical charts.


This system is developed after all the functionalities related to the ?loan management system? is fulfilled. After the completion of ?LMS?, this system helps in uploading all the relevant documents for the applied vehicle loan. Application will be fully responsive in nature thereby allowing the users to access it from mobile as well.


Pericent software has designed and implemented an automated Statuary Document Services (SDS) solution to quickly process an online request for SDS documents and track the movement of these documents from archival company to particular destination.


PERICENT SOFTWARE has developed this application to maintain and manage the lists of issues in form of tickets that has been raised by the end users or the business users to the organization. The application creates and resolves all the tickets which mainly involve functionality problems of organization?s available applications, change requests and service requests.


Pericent software has designed and implemented an automated barcode application that keeps all the records of incoming as well as outgoing items from the stock. Through this application, both the activities of customer and managers are managed in a systematic order.


Enterprise Cloud Service

A layred approach to manupulate Data and services over cloud.

CBRI Medicare House Hold Eligibility

This application can suggest who is eligible for medical benift and who is not.



PERICENT software have developed ?Ride Sharing or Car Pooling? mobile application for Brazilian market, with a single tap user can get an easy login either as driver or passenger in search of buddy to share their trip.

Itunes University

Pericent Software has developed this application for a requirement to let students to access to all the information about university with their course details.


Our app is easy to follow, pay by credit card or pay pal. Our system will send a user the voucher and invoice to user?s email account shortly after process completion.


Its farming product based application which facilitates user to see progress of crops, places on Google maps to market, recipes, create and comment on blog.


I-procedure mobile app is the mobile version of a JBPM application. This app provides option for all the performers of the workflow to complete their tasks from mobile environment.


Digi Draw is a revolutionary iphone application which allows competitors to view event draws and programs right from their mobile device.

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