PERICENT® has developed solutions for managing complex and agile business processes as well as managing documents and content within organization. These platform enables you to streamline your business and operations with compliant and policies. After deep research over the years and continuous development our team has come with our own IP based platforms.


Enterprise Class Robust & Agile BPM Platform

Empowering businesses with bpmEdge, a flexible and state of art BPM platform and its services for optimizing and adapting their ever changing business activities, modeling and system integration.Monitoring with rich dashboards and powerful wizard based Report Management ensures faster time to respond to process re-engineering and quick designing, deploying and management of sophisticated business processes.

Key Features
  • Scalable and multi-tenancy architecture with independent logical instances within one physical deployment.
  • Hot deployment (overwrite and versioning) of process models.
  • Parallel management and deployment of different, possibly independent process models to allow different project
    and end user teams to work independently of each other.
  • Provide a holistic access to business process data for the management.
Business Manager Portal

Provides a comprehensive end user portal supporting web-based portals with support for modern Web technologies like AJAX with
five perspectives which are as follows

  • The Workflow Execution for organization end users.
  • The Business Control Center providing business monitoring and management capabilities.
  • The Administration for administration tasks.
  • The Rule Management for business rules management and decision table management.
  • The Business Process Modeling for web-based graphical process modeling.
  • The Reporting Perspective for creating and viewing business process reports.
Quick implementation of the business rules

To automate complex business process, bpmEdge encompasses a powerful tool to define abstraction of business policies and practices of the organization in form of decision tables which are quick to create and easy to maintain

Monitoring and Reporting

The bpmEdge Monitoring and Reporting functionalities are made to perfection to facilitate creation and retrieving of complete, quality assured professional reports

Collaboration Through Chat

Instant real time interaction through chats, within the context of a process instance, maintains all the teams content as it pertains to a specific project in one location.

Captivating Mobile Portal

With modern web usability, bpmEdge implements user friendly portal for mobile and supports native mobile functionalities such as attachment of images, adding process notes, sending mails, for implementing more usability and enhance productivity

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