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We dig into business problems deep down be it BFSI,
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Technology Integration and Enterprise Solutions

We having legacy of 10+ years are focused to provide
enterprise solutions to human roles, policies, processes
and documents within an organisation through our truley
scalable and secured platformd bpmEdge & docEdge.




Roles are integral part of any organisation. For business to grow, it's critical that every role has been played correctly, timely and optimally. In this SMAC era all business processes and workflows are automated but still a human touch and intervention would always make it more powerful and less error-prone in most line of businesses, the customer decides our role and to fit ourselves into those expectations is critical to the success. Technology solutions like BPM ensures that every role plays their part the way they supposed to, no escape whatsoever.


Documents are another valuable asset to the businesses. Managing, organising, capturing, searching and sharing documents are the frequent and important operations in most of the enterprises and how much they are leveraging on their documents is another story. Managing organisation's documents through DMS could save lot of time & money further study shows that it could be in months and millions in quantum sometimes!


Business processes are lifeline of an any organization that keeps it going, they are the building blocks whereupon a company develops their business model, innovate it, reengineer it and most important compete with peers. Effective and better process workflow decides the success of the business model which is constantly under improvement due to higher competition in this digital era. While designing process is important but implementing those are even more critical, so adapting agile technology platform and managing processes through enterprise class BPM platform is the most important decision business owners should take straight away.


Policies are the binding gel for any organisation and one of the important aspect of the operations or processes. For Banking and Financial Services Intuitions, NBFC and Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals industries it is like the nerve system of the business. Global economy is pushing policy makers to adjust and adopt micro changes to outperform their growth hence it has become even more important to business to adapt agile technology framework where they can respond quickly and before their competitors. BPM solutions which helps management and decision makers to respond to policy changes in better and quicker way could be the winning bet for the business to grow.

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Delivering Excellence Last 10 Years in Enterprise Solutions

After serving global clients and well-known brands in their technology solutions from designing to the execution, our engineering team has developed in house world class enterprise platform namely bpmEdge & docEdge. We have got exciting response so far across the industry. Be it BFSI, NBFC, BPO Services, Healthcare, Telecom or Manufacturing each industry has Roles, Policies, Documents & Processes at their core of the business and we are on mission to automate these four important lines of the growth. Innovating in - easy to interact, intelligent to perform and integrated to deliver.

Where Innovation is Culture

Our organisation's tagline itself shows that how 'Innovation' is a part of our culture. We are so passionate as tech team that we encash every opportunity to challenge the traditional route of executing technology. Our tech squad is blend of Designers, UI/UX engineers, Back-end engineers, Developers and Full stack engineers and all are on one mission let's innovate product through engineering.

Design Driven Methodology

Design first is the new culture aspect in our engineering team. Everything goes on sticky notes, whiteboards, mock-ups and wireframes before it become part of the development. Study shows that enterprise level software lacks in usability (CX in today's world) as low as below 10%, a real pain point for business which bets on enterprise level software with huge investment. Our mission is to build enterprise level software which are not only capable in terms of engineering and helping businesses but they also offer high usability factor and we are achieving through design-first approach.

Engineering in Enterprise Technology

Yes, the engineering is the motivation for our tech squad. There are range of tools available for BPM & DMS from high-end commercial to open source, but either they are low in terms of ROIs or in functionality. Our product engineers are setting higher standards in these domain, they are utilising this digital and SMAC era to empower businesses through enterprise technology. Be it Robotic process automation/ AI or ML, our team is exploring every opportunity to capitalise in BPM/DMS domain through our bpmEdge and docEdge platforms.

Load Tests to Vulnerability Tests, we stress our products

With comprehensive testing, we make sure that what we engineer is also ready to take stress, highly available for peak traffic and there is no vulnerability in terms of security. User testing is another aspect where we take our job serious. In nutshell, our product/platforms are enterprise ready and can be scaled to high levels without compromising performance of the systems.

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